4 Little-Known Free E-Commerce Website Template That Will attract Site Visitors For Every Canadian Entrepreneur

No negotiations that a stunning website is a customer magnet. Attractive items catch people’s attention. Regardless of whether it is on the virtual or physical platform. This principle applies equally. Like a good house, a great website is the product of the template that it stands on. Poor web template can never result in a wooing site. However, financial constraints can be an issue when it comes to obtaining a web template for your e-commerce website for a Canadian audience.

But relax. With a thousand free e-commerce website templates, you do not have to use your last coin for a classy template. You can get a free template that will give your online store a state-of-the-art appearance. If you are looking for one, here are the top four:



Are you looking on to launch an electronic online store? Well, selling electronics online can be tricky. Being one of the most competitive niches, when you build your ecommerce website you need a wooing template that will pull customers on your side. Magento understands your desire and financial limitations. For this reason, the company developed Absolute a free e-commerce website template for Canada entrepreneurs.

This theme fits well with online electronic selling websites. It is highly customizable and flexible ensuring a seamless website development process. Also, it allows you to customize your site color to ensure it matches with your brands. The good thing is it can support any business level. So, whether you are a startup or an established business, Absolute is a good fit for you.


Selling fashions online can be a wanting affair. As an entrepreneur, your e-commerce site must be in line with what you are selling. If selling fashions, the potential customers must be able to link your product and the site.  Fasony is a free e-commerce website template designed to enhance achievement of this goal. The theme comes with trendy and attention-grabbing features that make visitors go crazy.

Also, it is easy to customize as it’s based on the fashions you are offering. You can use it to sell any fashion for either gender. In addition, it is highly responsive and optimized for different screen sizes. So, you will not miss the modern mobile shopping. Your site will be accessible in all browsing devices without any difficulties. Hence, Fasony is the way to go for webpreneurs seeking to sell fashions online.

Fortune template

As you know, your website is the only contact point between your customers and the products you are offering to them. Hence, you may want to give them a display that will create a physical-like contact in the virtual arena. However, this cannot happen if your template does not offer the feature. If this is your objective, Fortune template is the free e-commerce website theme that should be your first consideration. The template enables you to show full image displays.

With this feature, you can easily woo customers on your side. Apart from this, Fortune comes with easy to navigate and unique grid. The aspect gives your visitors a golden touch and a reason for another visit. To ensure you do not miss a match, Fortune comes in four styles to choose from which include a highlight, bright, minimal, and contrast.



Photography forms a central part when it comes to e-commerce. You understand an image is worth 1000 words. In helping you achieve the objective of uploading enough images, Slate is here for you. The free e-commerce website template for Canadian webpreneurs offers you a space to send your marketing message through imagery. You can display your featured products or top picks on your homepage. This way, it easier to convince customers what you are offering is the best in your niche.